In every American county, borough, and parish.

The American Fair Compensation Campaign is a national grass-roots organization and we will be centering all regional campaign action on a county-centered basis.

Every single county, parish, or borough can offer unique contributions to the national campaign and PEOPLE are #1. We will also find unique products and services in individual counties or in regions of contiguous counties.

As we recruit more and more fair Americans across the country we will find providers of fair-priced products and services for all AFC members. There are regions of the U.S. where agricultural products are produced because of unique growing conditions, soil, climate, growing seasons, etc. Cotton, hemp, citrus fruits, fruits and vegetables, in more temperate climates. Hardy fruits such as apples and peaches and similar are found in certain regions of the country.

The Dairy Belt in the Northeast and Atlantic coast provides for cows, goats, sheep, and their feed such as hardy small grains, and hay.

The mid-west Corn Belt has ample water and strong summer sun ideal for corn and soybeans.

The Wheat Belt – Kansas and the Great Plains cultivates products in the winter and spring.

Dry zones in the southwest is ideally suited for livestock ranching of cattle, sheep, hogs, and other livestock.

There are Forestry regions for lumber and paper products. Mining and drilling regions.

We would like to see local campaign representation in all 3,144 U.S. counties, parishes, and boroughs.

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