Through a comprehensive educational, legislative, and economic strategy.

‘HOW’ is the biggest part of the AFC Campaign and also the most exciting because it engages all fair Americans in the many projects and initiatives required to complete the mission of the national, grass-roots, non-partisan campaign to re-establish and strengthen the “middle-class” as the Majority Class of American citizens.

There are three general areas of efforts:

Educational – this entails getting fair people – the majority of Americans – to understand how the GREEDY people who are taking unfair compensation from taxpayer subsidies, and also greedy people who are running greedy businesses, are the leading cause of the demise of the middle-class. The GREEDY people are getting selfishly rich (greedy) on our taxpayer backs leading to the largest income inequality in history. READ MORE


Legislation – With the Majority Class of Americans comprising 300 MILLION citizens the power of voting carries the strongest defense to fight against unfair compensation being paid to GREEDY people from taxpayer subsidies. The AFC Campaign, as a grass-roots initiative, will organize on the village, town, city, county, state, and national levels in order to encourage all government representatives to comply with the Majority Party’s policy positions. If not, we will not elect them and we will vote them out of office. READ MORE


Economic – This is where the AFC Campaign can make the most progress because WE, the fair Americans, can determine our own economic future without depending upon others, like GREEDY corporations and GREEDY politicians, to resolve the problems facing the Majority Class (a/k/a the middle-class). Our proposals and plans are comprehensive solutions and positive initiatives which address every major – and many “minor” – cost of living items that are essential to a reasonable, fair, and equitable standard of living in America. READ MORE

The AFC Campaign is always working on developing innovative solutions to benefit the Majority Class, sometimes called the “middle-class”. Along with the on-going endeavors to legislate against GREEDY people taking GREEDY, unfair compensation from taxpayer subsidies, we also want to start the process of taking back our economy, jobs, agricultural (food) production and distribution, hard product manufacturing, production, and distribution, and providing of essential human (i.e., healthcare, etc.,) and public works services, finance and banking, and every other product or service we need to live a comfortable, safe, secure, and FAIR American lifestyle WITHOUT ANY GREED in our system.

If a product or service is overpriced because whomever is providing that product or service is taking an unfair, GREEDY compensation then we should plan and execute a strategy which will let ourselves provide those products and services to our fellow fair Americans at a fair and equitable price. 

In a fair economic structure, a wealthy person EARNS a salary not exceeding $100K per year. In an unfair economic structure GREEDY people TAKE more than they need – often hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars per year and then HOARD it for their selfish benefit only.

Our plans include creating an alternative economic structure where every FAIR American can become a supporting and committed member of the AFC Campaign. Support does NOT mean giving your hard-earned dollars to the campaign (though we accept donations) but supporting the principles of fair and unselfish economic development, production, manufacturing, pricing, compensation, etc.

The AFC Campaign will recruit for membership FAIR companies, businesses, organizations, groups, farmers, retailers, manufacturers, publicly-owned utilities, ungreedy lawyers, ungreedy healthcare providers, and individuals to uphold the basic and detailed economic principles of the campaign – minimum wage of $15/hr., and a maximum wage of $45/hr., and maximum salary of $100K/yr., for everyone involved in their business. We will become like a “Better Business Bureau”…but BETTER!

A certified member* of the AFC Campaign will display the AFC Campaign Badge (see below) at their place of business, in their marketing materials, on their social media platforms, and the AFC Campaign, locally and nationally, will provide support of any kind wanted or needed to support such ungreedy fair businesses.

The entire economic effort is to completely DENY any GREEDY people from participating within the entire AFC economic structure to insure that only FAIR prices of goods and services are provided and no one receives unfair compensation. The AFC economic endeavor is the opposite of what unfair, GREEDY economic endeavors do – the competition between AFC members is to provide the LOWEST price of everything they sell. If an AFC certified member – individual or company – is selling goods and services for a certain amount of money that produces profits which, if continued, would pay the owner more than $100K per year in salary, the owner can then LOWER his prices to stay within the AFC compensation principles.

A simple example: if an AFC member company wants to sell bottled water – perhaps they have a natural spring or artesian well on their property, or even a good supply of TAP water (see below fact*) – they can set up their entire company financial structure in accordance with AFC Campaign compensation principles – no one EVER earns more than $100K per year – and set their product pricing appropriately. The price for their bottled water – meeting the same quality standards of any other bottled water company – might be only 25% of the price of their GREEDY competitors but they are still earning a very comfortable, fair and ungreedy compensation of $100K/yr., or less while paying all of their employees a minimum wage of $15/hr., and because their pricing will likely attract a LOT more customers than their GREEDY competitors, they will likely be able to even further lower their prices! The AFC Campaign will make sure their endeavors are publicized widely in local, regional, and national media.

*  About 25% of the bottled water sold in the United States comes straight out of a tap. It can cost over 1000 times as much as tap water.

The above example can apply to all major and minor cost-of-living items necessary to every American’s life which include: Utilities (natural gas, electricity, water, Internet, telephone), Housing, Food, Child Care, Education, Transportation (autos, gasoline, insurance, repairs), Healthcare (pharmaceuticals, doctors, hospitals, insurance), Clothing, etc., etc., etc. We can take care of ourselves!

The AFC Campaign will propose a U.S. county-based network where each county coordinates all AFC members in their county and provides county facilities for production, manufacturing, retail, services, resources, supplies, coordination and business management, and people, ALL committed to the AFC Campaign compensation principles where GREED has no place.

There are millions of square feet of abandoned retail malls and shopping centers across the country – failed retailers due to GREEDY owners, people and prices – that can be converted to AFC Campaign centers for manufacturing, processing, sales, healthcare, child care, etc., ALL committed to the AFC Campaign compensation principles where GREED has no place.

AFC Campaign member businesses can open retail stores – similar to wholesale stores like BJ’s Wholesale Club and Sam’s Club – where ONLY AFC members qualify for membership – based upon maximum annual income – and enjoy vastly lower prices for all goods sold. All of the products sold at such retail establishments will be supplied by other AFC member companies or individuals at wholesale prices in compliance with AFC compensation principles.