Economic – This is where the AFC Campaign can make the most progress because WE, the fair Americans, can determine our own economic future without depending upon others, like GREEDY corporations and GREEDY politicians, to resolve the problems facing the Majority Class (a/k/a the middle-class). Our proposals and plans are comprehensive solutions and proactive initiatives which address every major – and many “minor” – cost of living items that are essential to a reasonable, fair, and equitable standard of living in America.

The AFC Campaign represents 90% of Americans – the FAIR Americans – who work hard everyday and have done so their whole life but who have seen their dollar’s buying power decrease steadily for the last 40 years – more than at any other time in American history. This artificial “inflation” sometimes seems out of the control of fair Americans who mistakenly think they must depend upon the government to make some kind of “Federal Reserve” or “Congressional Budget Office” adjustment or some other kind of government “tinkering” to offset such loss of buying power. But, the reality is that the decreased buying power of the dollar is 100% caused by the GREEDY people taking unfair compensation for whatever products or services they are “selling” or providing to the Majority Class (a/k/a the “middle-class”).

It is pretty simple: if a person is taking unfair compensation – more than they really need – then WHATEVER product or service was sold in order to pay that unfair compensation is OVER-PRICED!

Why in the world would any hard-working, fair-minded American want to give their taxpayer dollars to someone or some so-called “non-profit” corporation that is taking an unfair greedy share of such subsidies and has only lead to the further decline of the Majority Class?!?


We Shall Not Subsidize Our Own Demise!