American Fair Compensation


The American Fair Compensation Campaign

A non-partisan, national,

grassroots campaign to re-establish 

the middle-class in America.

 Our Mission Summary

Any non-profit organization subsidized by American taxpayers shall pay all employees, vendor employees, contractor employees – anyone receiving taxpayer dollars – a MINIMUM wage of $15 per hour (NET) and shall NOT pay anyone receiving taxpayer dollars more than a MAXIMUM wage of $45 per hour.

While there are many contributing factors to the decline of the middle-class in America, if we want to point to the one MAIN factor we must point to GREED.

Let’s be very clear.

There is only ONE thing that raises costs of everything: COMPENSATION.


UNFAIR COMPENSATION – otherwise known as GREED – unfairly raises the cost of living for everyone.

Mother Earth has NEVER charged for anything. All oil, natural gas, copper, gold, diamonds, coal, sunshine, wind, earth (soil), fire, water, trees (wood), fruits and vegetables, fish, and animals, etc., etc., are all provided FREE by Mother Earth.

The ONLY costs are for compensation to humans to gather/harvest, process, and distribute these commodities. This compensation can be fair (ungreedy) or unfair (GREEDY).

When you hear that utility rates are going to increase, or that the price per gallon of gas at the local gas station increases, it is due ONLY to increasing the compensation of those involved in the production, distribution, and administration of electricity or gas. The gas and oil are provided free by Mother Nature. Humans charge money as their compensation to drill for, process and distribute their essential energy products and services.

Unfair compensation (GREED) for these services unfairly raises the costs for these products and services. The cost or price for these products and services could remain unchanged IF those that work within that product’s supply-chain did NOT arbitrarily raise their compensation (also known as “profit”).

In the same way when you see that food prices increase, or health insurance prices increase, or your mobile phone bill goes up, or your cable TV bill increased, or your auto insurance goes up, or your tuition goes up, or the cost of clothes increases, or your rent goes up, it is ALL – in EVERY single case – due ONLY to raises in the compensation of people involved. This applies to every single product or service which we pay for.

The AFC position is, if ANY product or service is subsidized by taxpayers, no person involved shall be paid unfair compensation. If united, we have the voting power to stop it! 

The ONLY "costs" in this world are for compensation.

Fair compensation is fair.

Unfair compensation is GREED.

GREEDY People are SELFISH People.

Healthcare costs and health insurance premiums will NEVER decrease as long as the GREEDY people who run/own/manage the companies and organizations – doctors, hospital administrators, health insurance company executives and their company lawyers, pharmaceutical companies and their executives, and everyone in the chain of the sales of these products and services remain GREEDY and overcharge for their products and services.

Definition of GREED:

A selfish and excessive desire for more of something (as money) than is needed.

If greed means, “more than one needs”, then what does one need?  There must be a line which, when passed, means one is GREEDY. What is that line?

90% of Americans – 300 Million of them – are living relatively nicely on $100K per year, and less, so we can pretty safely draw a fair and equitable line there beyond which would be considered “more than one needs”.

All people are paid money, in the form of wages, salary, or fees, etc., because they are providing (selling) a product or service 

If a person or company charges a price for the product or service that allows them to receive or pay themselves an UNFAIR compensation – more than what 90% of Americans earn ($100K per year or less) – they are OVERCHARGING for the product or service and it unfairly raises the cost of those products or services for everyone else. 


MARTIN SHKRELI, he acquired the U.S. rights to a lifesaving drug and promptly boosted its price over 5,000 percent, from $13.50 a tablet to $750.


Wall St is the handmaiden of GREEDY people.

Every company that “goes public” is hiring Wall St to make sure that whatever product or service their “public” company sells…to the public, is priced as high as it can possibly be priced to generate the highest profit possible for the “public” company’s stockholders. 

That is why pharmaceuticals are OVERPRICED.
That is why gasoline is OVERPRICED.
That is why electricity is OVERPRICED.
That is why natural gas is OVERPRICED.
That is why food is OVERPRICED.



“The pursuit of things that one already has an excess of (like money).”

“A strong wish to have more money, things, or power than you need.”

“An overwhelming urge to have more of something, usually more than you really need.”

“A selfish and excessive desire for more of something (as money) than is needed.”

Our Mission

We Shall Not Subsidize Our Own Demise!

Any and all organizations, businesses, companies, foundations, and “non-profits” that receive U.S. taxpayer subsidies (basically ANY organization that has to file an IRS Form 990, INCLUDING all sub-contractors, sub-vendors, – any and all businesses that benefit from U.S. taxpayer subsidies – shall abide by the following:

#1: All employees, full-time or part-time or ANY time shall be paid a minimum wage of $15.00 (NET) per hour.

#2: No employee, manager, executive, administrator, owner, or other compensated person within the organization or hired by another subsidized organization shall be compensated more than 3x the lowest paid employee of the organization to a maximum of $100,000 per year.

Every person is compensated because a COST has been attributed to whatever product or service they, or a business/organization for which they are employed or for which they are hired to work, are selling to other people.

The COST of a product or service is determined by how much PROFIT is desired from the sale of such product or service. If by setting a cost for selling a product or service allows people to take excessive (UNFAIR) compensation from that sale then, obviously, they are overcharging for the products and services and they are GREEDY.

THAT is the definition of GREED!

90 percent of American workers have seen their wages stall and their dollars buy less while their COSTS of living continue to rise due ONLY to unfair compensation to GREEDY people.

There are no products or services whose costs rise by nature – the costs rise only due to COMPENSATION.

If a person earns $200,000 a year and puts $100,000 into “savings” or an “investment” of some sort, he or she OBVIOUSLY does not need that extra $100K or any amount over a fair compensation. GREEDY people unfairly accumulate (hoard) hundreds of thousands, millions, even billions of dollars in bank accounts, which they obviously do not need, because they are overcharging for whatever product or services they sold to receive their unfair compensation.

AGAIN: If 90% of American citizens are and have always been earning $100K per year or less – buying beautiful homes, owning automobiles and buying gasoline to run them, sending their children to college, paying their utility bills for electricity, gas, phones, and Internet, buying groceries for feeding their families, buying furniture to fill their homes, going on vacations, paying the doctor, dentist, lawyers, health insurers, health clubs, etc., etc., etc.,  – then it is completely fair to say that receiving or taking compensation over that amount is UNFAIR and GREEDY.


90% of American citizens earn a FAIR compensation that does not exceed $100K per year. Our position is, therefore, that taking anything over that is UNFAIR compensation. Unfair compensation (GREED) is a personal choice but shall NOT be subsidized by American citizen’s taxes.

9 out 10 Americans earn FAIR compensation. If 90% of Americans live reasonably comfortable on $100K/yr., and many far less, we feel that is a very FAIR and reasonable dividing line between fair compensation and unfair compensation, also known as GREED.

No U.S. citizen needs more than $45/hr (approx. $100k per year) to live a happy and secure lifestyle. While costs of living may differ geographically, unfair costs of living are caused by GREEDY people taking unfair compensation for their products and services.

AND, if cost of living adjustments are considered on a geographic basis, so shall minimum wages. Otherwise we need to have a VERY serious debate about the “minimum” wage in this country!

GREED is not an impersonal “thing”. It is the sole province of GREEDY PEOPLE.

There are about 330 million people in the U.S. and about 10% of them are GREEDY PEOPLE (see definition throughout this website). We will not call them the “rich” or “wealthy” or the “top 10%”.

They are GREEDY PEOPLE. They are the BOTTOM 10%. They are destroying the middle-class of this nation.

Fortunately, 90% of Americans are NOT greedy – 300 Million people are living within their means. 90% of the U.S. population earn $100,000/yr. or less. 9 out of 10 of our fellow citizens are NOT greedy people – they are good people trying to earn an honest living wage and taking care of those they love within reasonable, UN-greedy means.


300 Million U.S. citizens are a HUGE voting majority and can command, and DEMAND, all economic legislation and end GREED.


The American Fair Compensation Campaign is not a campaign against the freedoms that America affords people, including the freedom to be a GREEDY person. If people want to remain GREEDY and ignore the very negative consequences their GREED causes other Americans – poverty, homelessness, starvation, reduced access to healthcare, reduced access to education, etc. – there is nothing fair-minded Americans can do for those GREEDY people.

However, we do not have to allow them to use OUR hard-earned money, in the form of taxpayer subsidies, to take UNFAIR COMPENSATION from tax-subsidized businesses, organizations, and so-called “non-profits” which has only led to the steady decline of middle-class incomes and the increase of the cost of living.

Every reasonably-minded American knows that paying taxpayer-subsidized military contractors $1,678 for coin-sized rubber roller wheels used to load cargo for a part that are each valued at only $7.71 is wrong. These unfair costs are due only to UNFAIR COMPENSATION being paid to the tax-subsidized contractors…to the ultimate demise of the same taxpayers they depend upon for their money. These super-inflated costs for UNFAIR COMPENSATION to GREEDY people raises the cost of living for everyone else. Does the CEO of Boeing Corp deserve to be paid $29 MILLION a year from taxpayer’s tax subsidies? WE. THINK. NOT!

Oh, and if GREEDY PEOPLE do not like being called GREEDY?




(We will also be offering GREEDY people a “Cap & Trade” program so they can stop being greedy)