We are the 90% of Americans who are NOT GREEDY!

There are two “Who’s” that we will reference throughout our campaign:


1) The FAIR (ungreedy) American citizens who themselves earn and also pay their employees fair compensation with a civil conscience and personal integrity that compels them to draw a line at GREED. They are content – even proud – to live within reasonable means. To them GREED is never good and they share the common thread of fairness in all their dealings with their fellow American citizens.

The FAIR American citizens comprise 90% of the U.S. population. There are approximately 300 Million ungreedy, fair-minded American citizens. They pay their fair share of taxes to the government with an expectation that their contribution will be redistributed equitably to the American citizens in the form of services that benefit all ungreedy people, NOT GREEDY people. They do not want their hard earned money to be shared with GREEDY people who want and take more than they need or deserve.

Most Americans – 9 of 10 – understand that GREED is bad and causes most, if not all, economic problems in this country…and everywhere else. They do not want to be greedy even if given the opportunity because greed hurts other humans, especially children, the elderly, the disabled…pretty much everyone. Fair Americans will not cross the line into GREED and adjust their standard of living in a manner which supports their families, their friends, employees, and fellow Americans so that ALL share equitably the bounty of Mother Earth and her natural resources made freely available to all.

While the term “middle-class” has been used for the last few decades to define a certain segment of American citizens within a middle economic standard of living or income level the term was based upon the general fact that almost all Americans earned a fair compensation of about $100K/yr., or less, and the “middle-class” represented the larger majority of Americans with income between $30K – $60K/yr. Millionaires and billionaires (the SUPER GREEDY) represented a far smaller percentage of the American population.

The “middle-class” should more accurately be called the Majority Class.

Over that same period of time GREED has increased exponentially within the upper income segments. While in the late 1970’s there were about 200,000 “millionaires”, just 5 years later – after major tax legislation changes which benefitted the wealthy – there were twice the number of millionaires, 400,000! And only 30 years later there are now over 10 MILLION millionaires in the U.S. They ALL crossed the line of GREED. And the “middle-class” has declined in direct proportion.

We Must Draw A Line In The Sand!

2) The GREEDY (unfair) people are ALL those who meet the definition of GREEDY as defined throughout this campaign. They take more compensation than they need and HOARD it. They put it in “savings” accounts or in “tax shelters” where it is rarely used but increases every day from compounded interest and “dividends” to the GREEDY people. They obviously do not need it otherwise they would be spending it! While there is nothing wrong with saving money when a person earning fair compensation has some extra money, it is wrong and unfair to hoard money due only to taking unfair compensation, well-known as GREED.

When a person crosses the line of GREED they may consider themselves “wealthy” but it comes at the unfair expense of others. The GREEDY people may call themselves “philanthropists” because they give away a portion of their unfairly earned compensation but that same unfair compensation raised the cost of whatever product or service they sold or provided before they give away their disproportionate “charity”. GREEDY people have been giving charity for decades but the cost of living for everyone has only continued to increase, poverty in America has only increased, the cost of food, gas, electricity, rent, healthcare, have continued to rise ONLY because of unfair compensation.

GREEDY people MUST understand how their unfair compensation and hoarding of money hurts others immensely. No matter what company – non-profit or for-profit – that pays someone unfair compensation – sometimes hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars per year – MUST raise the cost of whatever product or service they are selling in order to cover those exorbitant wages and salaries.

They are not the “wealthy” people – they are GREEDY people.

They are not the “super rich” people – they are GREEDY people.

They are not the “top 10%”. They are the BOTTOM 10%.


They are GREEDY!


ALL definitions of GREED include the phrase “more than one needs” or some similar wording. So, what does one need? Are the needs of the GREEDY people greater than the needs of the fair people? No. Do the GREEDY people deserve more than the fair people? No. The definition of GREED also includes the terms “money” and/or “power”. ALL money of the GREEDY people came in some form of compensation – the same as it comes to all other people.

There MUST be a “line” of compensation beyond which we would define as unfair or GREEDY – in other words, more than one needs.

The AFC Campaign’s position is: if 90% of Americans are living within fair compensation standards of living, earning $100K/yr., or less, and meeting all of their needs, then taking compensation beyond that line is unfair compensation and is defined by the same standard as GREEDY.

If an American citizen chooses to take an unfair compensation, that is their choice. But, they will be defined as GREEDY people. And, we Americans who earn fair compensation and pay taxes, from which taxpayer subsidies are granted, have the right to require that no taxpayer subsidies are granted to GREEDY people.

One of the main initiatives of the AFC Campaign is to advance legislation that will not allow ANY taxpayer subsidies to be awarded to greedy people. Ever.