A non-partisan national grassroots campaign

The American Fair Compensation Campaign is not part of any political party. It is, and must remain, non-partisan. It is for ALL fair and ungreedy American citizens and also for greedy Americans to learn how their greed harms their fellow Americans.

The AFC Campaign will represent the interests and rights of the fair people, not the unfair GREEDY people who have already taken far more than they need which has served only to raise the costs of all products and services – the cost of living.

One of the main missions of the AFC Campaign is to start and maintain a Cost Reduction Initiative (CRI) which aims at lowering costs of every major cost of living expense including lower food costs, lower housing and rent costs, lower broadband Internet access costs, gasoline, electricity, natural gas, clothes, transportation, medical care, healthcare insurance, prescription drugs, education, recreation, motor vehicles, and more.

By uniting all fair Americans, and converting unfair, selfish people, in a positive effort to lower costs – lower costs means managing fair compensation – of all goods and services necessary to a fair and secure American standard of living we can create our own stable and fair economic infrastructure which is not dependent upon national and global GREEDY corporations run by GREEDY people taking vastly exorbitant wages and salaries.

We will seek membership of all American people who will voluntarily draw a line in the sand at greed and commit not to cross it in their annual earnings, wages and salaries (maximum $100K/yr.) We can produce, manufacture, develop, grow, harvest, build, own, provide, share, and trade – amongst ourselves – ALL the products and services we need to live a safe, secure, healthy, and enjoyable American lifestyle. By uniting across the nation on a county basis we can provide local outlets for all fair American citizens to purchase goods and obtain services provided by other members of the AFC Campaign.

The AFC Campaign will make GREEDY people (the so-called “wealthy” and “rich”) realize how their unfair compensation harms fair people and ultimately destroys the American economy by reducing both the disposable and discretionary income of the vast majority of earners in America. The ironic, but very sad, fact is that as the GREEDY people take more and more from the same people who are buying their goods and services – the fair Americans – the less those same fair Americans will have to purchase the goods and services of the GREEDY.

All members of the AFC Campaign must commit – for some, legally – to ONE thing: Not being greedy. And we feel that is not a difficult or terribly high bar to set. After all, 9 out of 10 Americans are not greedy or selfish and they have been so all of their lives and everyone in their family has been the same – fair. By far, the majority of American taxpayers are fair-minded good people who are fully willing to voluntarily draw a line on their compensation at GREED.

The AFC Campaign must also be a grassroots initiative because we really do not expect much support from government, financial institutions, or “wealthy” individuals…because they are GREEDY! While just 1 percent of Americans are millionaires, 66 percent of senators are millionaires, as are 41 percent of House members – in BOTH parties. And, though members of Congress work for us, they pay themselves almost TWICE what most Americans earn. Why? Does their food cost more than ours? Does their electricity and gas cost more than ours does?

This AFC Campaign will help fair Americans clearly understand how GREED and its greedy people are in direct opposition to the rightful prosperity of 90% of the fair and unselfish Americans who pay their taxes with the expectation that these taxes will be fairly and equitably distributed in the form of subsidies and by other means to other Americans in the form of government services. When these tax subsidies are awarded to GREEDY people the taxpayers are cheated – the GREEDY people take more than they need (by EVERY definition of GREED – see definition throughout our website) and thus taxpayer’s dollars buy less service in order to pay extremely bloated, selfish salaries of GREEDY people.

Fair Americans should expect that their fairness and unselfishness and voluntary refusal to cross the line to being GREEDY would lead them to reasonable and fair income growth. However, due to their taxpayer subsidy dollars being diluted by greedy people taking obsene and grossly selfish salaries which raise the cost of all consumer goods and services, their food bills are higher than ever in American history, their utility bills are higher, gasoline costs more, health insurance premiums increase every year, and fair Americans savings accounts have never been lower. Thus, in just a matter of about 40 years the income growth and net worth of middle-income Americans has steadily declined while incomes of the bottom 10% – the GREEDY people – has increased to levels never seen in American history.