Legislation – With the Majority Class of Americans comprising 300 MILLION citizens the power of voting carries the strongest defense to fight against unfair compensation being paid to GREEDY people from taxpayer subsidies. The AFC Campaign, as a grass-roots initiative, will organize on the village, town, city, county, state, and national levels in order to encourage all government representatives to comply with the Majority Party’s policy positions. If not, we will not elect them and we will vote them out of office.

AFC Campaign Mission #1: ANY organization, group, or individuals, or vendors and sub-contractors, that receive taxpayer subsidies, directly or indirectly, shall pay any and ALL employees of the organization a MINIMUM wage of $15.00 per hour NET (after tax withholdings).

AFC Campaign Mission #2: ANY organization, group, or individuals, or vendors and sub-contractors that receive taxpayer subsidies, directly or indirectly, shall NOT pay any employee, including owners, executives, managers, attorneys, and similar positions within sub-contractor and vendor companies or organizations, more than three times the lowest paid employee to a maximum of $100,000 per year ($45/hr.), in other words, a MAXIMUM wage.

We Shall Not Subsidize Our Own Demise!


Whatever political party to which a current representative or new candidate may belong does not alter the fact that greed is bad everywhere and especially in government. Everyone knows that GREED IS BAD – it is not a political or philosophical thing, it is a fact! And the direct symptoms of greed are income inequality, increased cost of living, higher prices of goods and services, poverty, welfare, and unaffordable healthcare leading to increased disease and even death.

If a politician thinks or feels that some people should be allowed to be greedy with taxpayer’s dollars or that some people deserve to be paid unfair (greedy) compensation – more than they need – with taxpayer’s dollars, he or she should not become a politician and the AFC Campaign and its members will not support such a politician or policies.

We Shall Not Subsidize Our Own Demise!


Government by and for fair people is good. But, when GREEDY people are in government or try to influence from outside (lobbyists) the fair Americans are cheated. ANY legislation that promotes, supports, and/or subsidizes unfair GREEDY people is unjust and unfair government which harms its citizens by artificially raising the costs of all goods and services and thus creating a huge disparity in wealth and the concomitant result of increased poverty and unfair economic hardship for the Majority Party – the “middle-class”.

Good government means serving ALL citizens equally, not favoring GREEDY people over fair, unselfish citizens. GREEDY people get all of their money from others, just like we all do. But GREEDY people take more than they need – which is the definition of GREED!

The current policy of allowing unfair compensation to be paid to certain people – executive and management staff – in taxpayer subsidized “non-profit” organizations has led to vastly increased costs of living, prices of the goods and services sold by such “non-profits”, and hoarding of taxpayer dollars.

The Majority Class – also known as the “middle-class” – has seen a constant and proportionate decrease in the value of their hard-earned dollars – a dollar buys about 90% less than it did just 40 years ago – and if unfair compensation paid to GREEDY people continues there will be continued increase in the prices of food, utilities, healthcare, and all other essential products and services necessary for a fair and reasonable standard of living.

GREED is something that should NEVER be acceptable by anyone and definitely NOT when taxpayer dollars are subsidizing it.

We Shall Not Subsidize Our Own Demise!