Please join the American Fair Compensation Campaign. We want your help in spreading the word and contributing your support – physical, mental and financial.

There are about 3,144 counties in America, including functionally equivalent parishes and boroughs, and we want to establish official AFC representation in every county.

The AFC Campaign, at this early stage, appreciates any support you can give. Our financial needs will grow as the campaign grows but no one involved in the AFC Campaign organization will EVER be paid an unfair compensation.

Our donation and membership fees will always be based upon the income levels of the fair Americans who want to join this campaign:

Annual Membership Fees

Lower Income: $5.00
Middle Income: $10.00
Upper Income: $15.00

GREEDY people are not allowed membership in the AFC Campaign unless and until THEY STOP BEING GREEDY.* Donations from GREEDY people will not be accepted because this only exacerbates the problem – taking unfair compensation raises the cost of all products and services – and donations from GREEDY people, who only have an excess of money to give away because they have been taking an unfair compensation to have that excess money and thus give a disproportionate share of their excessive “wealth” to charity or donations, doesn’t stop the rise of costs for goods and services. They need to STOP BEING GREEDY first.

* GREEDY people can take advantage of our “Cap & Trade” program to assist them in returning to a fair and ungreedy lifestyle: The “Cap” is, of course, taking no more than $100K/year in compensation from wherever they receive compensation. Annual income cannot exceed the cap. The “Trade” is for GREEDY people to donate all of their unfairly earned savings and excess capital to AFC Campaign infrastructure and entitlement programs with negotiable returns on investment (not to exceed “cap” allowances). A 3-year period of reform on income – allowing for up to $300K retention of capital – and savings reduction is provided to those who want to STOP BEING GREEDY.


The most important effort for GREEDY people wanting to stop being greedy is to LOWER prices for whatever product or service they are selling that is paying them an unfair compensation. If the business they own or work for is making surplus profit – enough to allow unfair, greedy compensation to anyone – they need to LOWER PRICES on whatever goods and services they are selling.

In which U.S. county do you live?

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