Our Mission Summary

Any non-profit organization subsidized by American taxpayers shall pay all employees, vendor employees, contractor employees – anyone receiving taxpayer dollars – a MINIMUM wage of $15 per hour (NET) and shall NOT pay anyone receiving taxpayer dollars more than a MAXIMUM wage of $45 per hour.

Without a maximum wage there is no limit to GREED.

If greed means, “more than one needs”, then what does one need?  There must be a line which, when passed, means one is GREEDY. What is that line?

90% of Americans – 300 Million of them – are living relatively nicely on $100K per year, and less, so we can pretty safely draw a fair and equitable line there beyond which would be considered “more than one needs”.

They are not the “wealthy” people – they are GREEDY people.

They are not the “super rich” people – they are GREEDY people.

They are not the “top 10%”. They are the BOTTOM 10%.

They are GREEDY!