While the term “middle-class” has been used for the last few decades to define a certain segment of American citizens within a middle economic standard of living or income level the term was based upon the general fact that almost all Americans earned a fair compensation of about $100K/yr., or less, and the “middle-class” represented the larger majority of Americans with income between $30K – $60K/yr.


The “middle-class” should more accurately be called the Majority Class.

The AFC Campaign’s position is: if 90% of Americans are living within fair compensation standards of living, earning $100K/yr., or less, and meeting all of their needs, then taking compensation beyond that line is unfair compensation and is defined by the same standard as GREEDY.

If an American citizen chooses to take an unfair compensation, that is their choice. But, they will be defined as GREEDY people. And, we Americans who earn fair compensation and pay taxes, from which taxpayer subsidies are granted, have the right to require that no taxpayer subsidies are granted to GREEDY people.

One of the main initiatives of the AFC Campaign is to advance legislation that will not allow ANY taxpayer subsidies to be awarded to greedy people. Ever.